Who should attend?

– Research scholars who want to share their studies on national and international forums and seek research collaborations for the future
– Educators who want to share their insights on various subjects and gain new knowledge to disseminate among their students
– Researchers related to the issues of Sustainable Development, Local and Regional Development, Natural and Urban Environment, Political and Tourism Development
– Professionals and managers of the above related issues, who organize and implement Strategic Programs for the Sustainable Development of cities and regions
– Researchers who want to learn new tools and develop research on urban and regional development in target areas
– Citizens who are interested in being informed about the issues of urban and regional sustainable development, the physiognomy of places, the environment, the economy, society and culture
– Innovators seeking unique ideas to develop new products and services
– Faculty members of elite education institutions should attend our conferences to enrich their knowledge. It helps them create a powerful generation of future leaders and innovators.
– Our events provide an excellent platform for Ph.D. scholars. They can present their papers, studies, and research in front of national and international participants.
– Management or Science students who look forward to expert guidance for career advancement can also attend our events. Our Scopus indexed events can also help strengthen their resume and professional presence in the market.
– Government officials and technology experts can also attend our events to be updated in their field.
– Students should not miss any opportunity to attend national and international conferences. It can help them identify the right career option and tips to design their career trajectory.


Why attend?

– Our events provide a great opportunity to interact with distinguished national and international speakers.
– Attendees can also participate in thought-provoking case discussions.
– Participants can join special and scientific groups.
– Opportunity to network and associate with like-minded scientists
– To get inspired to pursue professional studies